25 Feb 2015

Mariotti logo red

Bugle Forklift is very excited to announce our newest product line of industrial lift trucks.  Mariotti Forklifts are manufactured for the specific purpose of being the smallest and most light weight forklift on the market.  The ability to maneuver in small office spaces and still have the ability to lift over 2,000 lbs,


Mariotti manufactures the smallest electric riders on the market.  At only 31” wide and 75” tall, Mariotti lift trucks can fit through most standard doorways, maneuver elevators and navigate the narrowest aisles, while still delivering a heavy payload – up to 2,100 lbs.

Mariotti equipment is designed for indoor applications where space and maneuverability are the top priority


For more information on the smallest electric riders on the market from Mariotti please visit


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