Industrial Batteries & Chargers
3 Jun 2015

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Industrial Batteries & Chargers

For 20 years Bugle Forklift Sales & Rentals Ltd. has been Southerns Alberta’s source for Industrial battery and charging equipment.  These sometimes misunderstood products have the ability to change any companies bottom line, and with the most recent changes to this quickly evolving market being behind on technology and information can be a killer to a companies efficiency.  It is our goal at Bugle to help you through the large amount of information out in the market today and to provide you with the best suited equipment for your application.  Maximizing Return on Investment and Minimizing capital costs.

Life Plus

At Bugle we are your Western Canadian distributor for Hawker Powersource products.  Hawker is one of the largest brands of industrial batteries in the world and is the industry leader in charging technologies, with ability’s to utilize High Frequency Charging, Opportunity Charging, or even Fast Charging for a single truck location to multi-million square feet warehouses.


Hawker offers a full line of lead-acid batteries, for all makes and models of industrial lift trucks and all other types of battery powered industrial equipment.  Hawker products are manufactured in one of the most modern, environmentally friendly and quality driven plants in the industry, and the company is an environmental leader in the industrial battery industry.

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