Heli Forklifts
21 Nov 2015

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Bugle Forklift is excited to announce we are the new home the for the complete line of Heli Forklifts in Southern Alberta.  With industry leading tier 3 & 4 capable engines the balance of price, durability and a responsibility to our environment have never been more balanced.

CPCD30, G series

Heli currently boasts the largest forklift range of products in the world with LPG, gas, diesel units ranging from 2.000 to 80,000 lbs.  A full line of container handler products, wheel loaders, airport support vehicles and tuggers. This coupled with a major focus on  AC powered electric forklifts with capacities ranging from 1,000 to 25,000 lbs in both indoor and outdoor configurations.  A full range of lift heights are available in both 2 stage, 3 stage and 4 stage wide-view masts.  Heli Forklift products are designed for performance and built to last.

Heli CPD25-GD2

Currently ranked 8th in the world for total unit sales Heli has been the #1 product in Asia for the past decade.  With a new global push we know the world wide ranking is going to continue to climb as this product now enters the mainstream North American market.  Come view this product line in stock at our facility and we know that you will leave impressed

For more information please visit Heliforklift.ca

Heli Line up


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