27 Jan 2015

Batteries & Chargers


Join the green movement

Bugle Forklift has spent the past 20 years with a major focus on the Electric Forklift market in Southern Alberta, allowing us to become a prominent player in the ever growing battery and charger field. In recent years we became the distributor and dealer for Hawker batteries and chargers for all of Alberta and Saskatchewan, bringing to the market the some of the most energy efficient and industry leading technologies in the world.

We currently lead the industry in the use of opportunity charging, fast charging, and high frequency charging.  With new battery product and one of the longest warranties in the industry (of up to 6 years) we help to insure you have the lowest down time in the industry matched with the highest return on investment.

At Bugle we have the luxury of being both a battery and charger OEM distributor and a new and used equipment dealer, helping us to match your company with the right equipment and at the best price.

Hawker Family

Our personnel perform battery and charger maintenance with emphasis being placed upon minimizing your maintenance cost, while at the same time helping to keep your equipment in a safe and productive operating condition. This series of checks is intended to spot and correct mechanical problems early, before they turn into costly repairs.

We believe in preserving the environment, and as such we have recently taken on the task of recycling worn out industrial batteries and chargers, allowing for proper disposal and reuse of these valuable commodities when possible. Should you have an old battery or charger that you wish to get rid of we can arrange shipping to our location, with properly trained and certified TDG drivers we can insure proper disposal of these products and they they can be recycled for secondary products.

Please contact our Service Department today for more information or to schedule your Battery & Charger Operational Maintenance.

Life Plus

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